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Japan has always been very present around us, whether through food, Pokemon, Nintendo or manga culture!

For most of us, it is a dream to travel there and discover this amazing country! However, Japan is so much more than that! There are of course delicious dishes (especially fish dishes), but also wonderful and kind people, a rich culture very different from the one we live in every day! And if you are looking for top things to do while in Japan, you found the right place!

So, here is our Top 10 things to do in Japan:

1. Visiting the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto

We are pretty sure you have already seen this forest on Internet but you really should go there, it is truly magnificent! Right next to it, there is a monkey sanctuary where you can go and look at the monkeys living their best life!

Arashiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto in Japan
Monkeys in the Sanctuary in Kyoto in Japan

2. Climbing Fushimi Inari-Taisha

This is the name of mountain where you find hundreds of Torii, these traditional red gates. It’s a long way but it is really cool to do!

Japanese red gate in Kyoto in Japan
Fushimi Inari Torii gates in Kyoto in Japan

3. Visiting the golden temple Kinkaku-ji

The golden temple in Kyoto is really a must-see for everyone in the city! It’s built in a big park and the reflection of the temple on the lake is purely a bliss.

Kinkakuji golden temple in Kyoto in Japan
Kinkaku ji golden temple in Kyoto Japan

4. Eating fresh fish at the Tokyo fish market, Tsukiji

It will be the best fish of your life, period.

Sushi platter in Tsukiji Market in Tokyo in Japan

5. Being followed by deers in the famous Nara Park

In Nara, deers walk freely in the park and in the city. There, you can give them some food and touch them, they are so cute!

Man playing with deers in Nara Park in Japan
Deer in Nara Park in Japan

6. Exploring the magnificent Nagoya Castle

This huge castle also features several smaller buildings where you will be able to get a better look at the Japanese culture and history!

Nagoya Castle in Japan
Mural arts inside Nagoy Castle in Japan

7. Letting the Potterhead in you go crazy in Hogwarts while visiting Universal Osaka

In the Universal Studios of Osaka, you can experience an Harry Potter kind of rollercoaster in a beautiful replica of Hogwarts! If you love this universe, it will be a dream for you!

Hogwarts Castle in Universal Osaka in Japan
Universal Logo in Universal Osaka in Japan

8. Chilling in an Onsen

These natural hot springs are a traditional way for Japanese to relax and enjoy the power of nature!

River in a Japanese village by night

9. Testing matcha in all its forms

Matcha, or green tea, is a Japanese speciality and in its home country, you can enjoy it in all its ways: tea, ice cream, pastries and even Frappuccino!

Match Ice cream in Japan
Matcha dessert and tea in Japan

10. Watching thousands of people crossing Shibuya from the Starbucks or the station

We are pretty sure you have ever seen this world famous crossing but living it live, it’s another experience! So many people but in an order way, that’s what Japan is all about, respect!

People crossing the road in Shibuya in Tokyo in Japan

Our tips

  • Taking the high-speed train in Japan is a unique experience! I therefore advise you to buy the Japan Rail Pass.
    Even if it is expensive at first sight (270$ for 7 days), it is very quickly reimbursed if you are planing to visit several cities in Japan!
  • Japanese cuisine is not only about sushi, meat dishes are also delicious!


  • Most of the Onsen are nudists, so better be ready to leave your swimming suit at home 🙂

We hope you will enjoy your trip to Japan!

Marie & Karim

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