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London is one of the most visited city in the world! It is famous for the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the City, etc.

So, if you are planning to visit this crazy city, here is our Top 10 things to do in London!

1. Strolling around the city and discovering world famous building

In London you will find many beautiful buildings and monuments, almost everywhere! And we are pretty sure that you will recognise some of them.

Buckingham palace in London
Big Ben and a tower in London

2. Taking a walk in one of the numerous parks in the city

There are so many parks in London, just pick one and chill! We fell in love with Saint James Park, where you can meet so many squirrels!!

Saint James park in London

3. Watching a football game in the country of football

There are dozens of professional football clubs, only in London, so just find a game and go for it! The most famous in London are Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, etc.

Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester

4. Feeling like in a movie in the colourful streets of Notting Hill

Everyone knows the movie Notting Hill, so why not going in the area of London that has inspired the movie?

Coulourful buildings in Notting Hill

5. Going shopping in the crazy Camden Town

For sure, you should go to the alternative part of London, Camden Town. There you will find shops, tattoo shops, coffee, etc.


Weird Buildings in Camden town in London
Weird building in Camden Town in London

6. Taking a look at the whole city from the top of the London Eye

The tallest wheel in Europe is also a huge attraction of London! Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance as there could be a very long queue.

London Eye in London

7. Attending a play

The best one we have ever attended was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Ok, we may be biased as we are huge Harry Potter fans but it is really amazing! Again, don’t forget to take your tickets in advance.

Harry Potter play in London

8. Walking through the Tower Bridge

It is so big, so magnificent, you have to see it!

Tower Bridge in London

9. Visiting the Warner Bros Studios to experience the ultimate Harry Potter experience

Again, we are huge fans, so if you are too, don’t hesitate and head to the Studios!


Woman choosing her wand at Ollivander's shop in the Warner Bros Studios in London
Chess game of Harry Potter movie in Warner Bros studios in London

10. Trying a very healthy English breakfast (or not) 

English breakfast in London

Our tips

  • If you want to attend a football game or to visit the Warner Bros Studios, don’t forget to book (really) in advance or you won’t be able to enjoy it (or you will have to pay much more to get your tickets…)!


  • Going to London in winter is also a very good idea! Christmas time is very lovely there and New Year’s Eve in London is one of the best in the world!

  • If you are a Harry Potter fan like we are, London will be heaven to you!

We hope you will enjoy your trip to London!

Marie & Karim

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