For our first time in the city of Murten (or Morat in French) in the canton of Fribourg, we have been invited to discover the Murten Licht-Festival. To be honest, we had never heard of this festival and were not very fond of lights festival as we had been disappointed by the one in Lausanne… But WOW, the Murten Licht-Festival was just amazing and we already can’t wait for the next edition!

Murten Licht-Festival

The Murten Licht-Festival is held every year during 12 days in the Old Town of Murten. All around the city, there are around 20 ”arteplages”, that are light shows, each totally different from the others. Music adds up to the show to create a magical and wonderful atmosphere in the beautiful Old Town of Murten. 

In this blog post, we take you around the city of Murten following the best arteplages that we saw!

We started our visit with the main show, called ”Dites-le avec des fleurs”. This show features different actors and is displayed on 3 different buildings, makin git so immersive! The show took us to a surreal world full of joy and happiness. It lasted 15 minutes and was performed every 20 minutes or so.

This arteplage was the perfect way to discover the Licht-Festival and to make us want to see more of it!

Then, we headed to the German Church were the arteplage ”The Firefly” was performed and honestly, it was our favorite! A woman was playing the piano while the walls of the Church were telling us the story of a firefly looking for its family. The piano was making it so poetic and magical, and the lights took us in the world of this little firefly. It was a really beautiful moment.

The best thing with the Murten Licht-Festival is that the best way to discover it is to stroll around Murten and to spot the shows all over the city!

This is how we arrived to the city walls that were illuminated, making them even more beautiful. We also witnessed shows created by the schools of the region! That made me so jealous because the only useful thing that I have created in school was a pepper pot ahah….

Our next stop was the Murten Museum were several shows were held. We thought that it was a great idea to organize shows in the Museum as it allowed us to also discover more of Murten. These arteplages were funnier and more playful.  

Close to the Museum, was an illuminated yurt, with music played. The lights were moving following the music, how cool is that? We spent quite some time there as the music was so relaxing and the show really amazing!

On our way back to our starting point, we took the main street and have been teleported straight up to the North. The entire street was experiencing Northern Lights 😍!
We are lucky enough to have seen Northern Lights , like proper ones, but these were realistic enough to make us so happy! It felt amazing to just walk in the city with Northern Lights above your head.

All in all, we highly recommend you to visit Murten and the Murten Licht-Festival next year! We leave you with some other of our favorite shots and moments from the Murten Licht-Festival!

Marie & Karim

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