Everyone loves the thrill of a trip, but planning it can sometimes be difficult!

We aim to help you plan your road trip.

We will provide you with an ebook recommending accomodations, activities and the best itinerary. Also, you will receive an excel spreadsheet with important informations about the countries you will visit.

We have created 3 different packages:

  • The Getaway: it is the perfect package for people looking for a short trip up to one week.
  • The Exploration: Ideal for people aiming to travel for 1-3 weeks!
  • The Adventure: The perfect one for the adventurers among you, willing to travel for 3 weeks, up to 2 months.

For longer trips than 2 months, you can contact us here!

You can click on the images for more informations on the package and a recap video of what you will get!