Getaway Road Trip


Do you want to go on a road trip for less than one week? We are here for you!

Everyone loves the thrill of a trip, but planning it can sometimes be difficult!

This is why we want to help you planning your road trip! For the past years, we have planned numerous trips all over the world. Are you travelling solo, backpacking, going on a honeymoon or on a family trip? We have the expertise to help you plan the ideal trip for you.

Each person is unique and so is each trip. This is why, after ordering, we will send you a form to better understand your needs and what you are really looking for.

We have travelled to 43 countries, been backpacking, camping, road tripping in 15 countries in 4 continents. We love planning trips and we want to use the expertise we have gained to help you plan a trip that you will remember!

We will not book any hotel, activity, etc. What we will do is:
1) understand what you are looking for;
2) provide you with a customized itinerary and a list of suggested hotels (camping, Airbnb) and activities;
3) a list of tips and a guide of the essentials to pack with you.

We have made a video showing an example of what you will receive when ordering with us, it is available below!




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